Simple Steps to Power Steering

Simple Steps to Power Steering

How to easily improve your horse's turn using the methods of John Lyons from Certified Trainer Keith Hosman

By Keith Hosman
To perfect our steering, we'll practice the following: Pick up the right rein, apply pressure, look down and pick a spot to the right and slightly in front of your horse. Hold your pressure until...

Simple Steps to Power Steering

Actual training covered in this article: Improving your steering
Theme of this article: Learn faster when you concentrate on just one thing

Training is simply a matter of stringing together small, simple concepts. And, when things are going awry, it's often because something small hasn't been taught, is being overlooked or is being dismissed as "unimportant." God (or is it the Devil?) is in the details, as they say.

Any time you set out to improve yourself, whether to be a better rider, a more accomplished pianist or a more "learned law student," you'll come out ahead if you challenge yourself to learn one specific thing that makes your time well-spent. From an equestrian's perspective, this means that you don't put down a training book till you've committed to memory some small fact that you can later put to use. It means that you keep querying the next pro trainer you talk to till you glean some piece of info that you can tuck away, something to call upon in the future. It means you sit in the stands at your next riding clinic, waiting, waiting, waiting for that single piece of knowledge that makes the cost of gas it took to get there pay off.

To put a finer point on this, don't go to your next clinic or through your next riding lesson trying to remember everything the pro tells you. You'll lose the trees for the forest. Information will wash over you and a day or so later, you'll throw up your arms in exasperation because you're not a tape recorder and you've forgotten what comes after this or that. You'll be frustrated and make zero improvement. (This is why training DVDs and books exist.) Instead, concentrate on picking up one, single thing. Wait for it, then chew it up in your head, imagine putting it to use, ruminate, ponder and reflect. Ask questions. You know something best when you're able to teach...

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