How to Halter a Horse

How to Halter a Horse

Halter breaking a horse made easy! Use the methods of John Lyons to get a halter on your horse.

By Keith Hosman
Does your horse make ya nuts, refusing something simple like being haltered? This article specifically addresses haltering problems, but its running theme can be applied to many similar issues.

How to Halter a Horse

Also covered in this article to a lesser extent: Catching your horse, stall manners, head shyness

I was in a great mood this morning; all was right with the world. Then I spent twenty minutes trying to get a human on the phone when I called my bank. After saying my account number for the 27th time to a computer I was frothing at the mouth and blood vessels were bulging from my neck. What's this got to do with horses? Simply this: How many times have we approached our horses smiling - and walked away spitting nails? Haven't we all wanted to take up a frying pan when our horse refused something simple like picking up his feet, standing for mounting or allowing himself to be haltered? I write this article, then, in the interest of making your horse world a little less contentious. I'll talk specifically about haltering problems, but the running theme can be applied to other, similar issues.

Clinton Anderson is fond of saying (something akin to) "frustration begins where knowledge leaves off." Exactly. But it also kicks in when we simply let something "get to us." Do you think my banker would have got my goat this AM had I just won the lottery? The secret to horse training may be "Get an education, be consistent and spend the necessary time," but simply saying that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. So, today, we'll add this: "...And don't let the sucker get ya down."

Be advised that training your horse to properly turn and face you and/or training your horse to come to you are beyond the scope of this article. I will go over a couple of quick fixes - but know that a horse that disrespects you in such a cavalier fashion has larger issues that need to be addressed. That horse is telling you in no uncertain terms "You ain't the boss, get lost." (And that attitude will surface when you're out riding.) Do yourself a favor and get some info (from an article, a book, a video, or a pro) on how to teach your horse to properly...

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