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Re: training a green horse

If your horse went ballistic out on the trail last week... it didn't "just happen out of the blue." He's been telling you for weeks or months that he was going to lose it when enough pressure was applied every time he resisted (however slightly) the pull from your lead rope or reins..."

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John Lyons Trainer Keith Hosman & HORSEMANSHIP101.COM

Tip #1: This is the best site for online horse training!
• Free Horse Training Articles featuring John Lyons' methods
Free Horse Training Videos show you how, step-by-step!
• "2nd opinion" Horse Training How To from Guest Authors
• Listings of local Trainers Certified by John Lyons & Pat Parelli
Buy safely online: Horse Training DVDs, Books, & Tack!

Tip #2: Print out training articles. Take 'em to the barn!
Click here to see all articles - or check out these examples:
Is My Horse Hard to Train... Because of His Feet? *
Can You Fix a Bucking Horse? *
Leading When Riding * (A different view = Faster results)
When You Get On, Do This First *
Talking Horse * (Easier communication)
Lungeing a Horse: How, When & Why *
Neck Reining How-To *
• All articles can be printed free for 60 days after first appearing on the site. Afterwards selected articles require a small charge to print ($1 or $2). Many are still free. See individual articles for details: All articles

* Click to download; files are large and it may take a moment

Tip #3: For a horse training problem, this is how I'd start: Go to to find tips & solutions to 300+ horse-training situations (like "bucking," "biting," "green horses" and more). Find your topic, click, be taken to relevant articles, videos, etc. Better yet, use the dropdown menus found on the top right of most pages - you'll jump right there!

Tip #4: For a professional horse trainer, I'd find one near me by going to You'll find nearby trainers certified by John Lyons, Pat Parelli and Richard Shrake.

Tip #5: To see your questions answered, visit my sister-site for the information you need to train your horse. You can ask a question -- and find answers. Some examples:
Training the horse with attitude problems
What to look for when buying a horse
• Help: Spooky horse training
• A fix for unpredictable horse behavior
• A quick fix for the horse loping on the wrong lead in back
• What to do when your horse bucks when asked to go forward (across obstacles like a creek)

Tip #6: And I would definitely sign up for the free horse-training newsletter. New issues come out monthly and teach you how to train your horse. They're chocked full of pro trainer tips and tricks featuring the gentle methods of John Lyons.

You'll find access to any of these pages via the navigation bar found along the top of all pages.

Keith Hosman, John & Josh Lyons Certified Trainer
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Recent Training Articles:
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Find a trainer near you! Certified by Lyons, Parelli or Shrake
Richie Wingfield, John Lyons Trainer in Brownsville, KY image of Sheryl Lynde, Certified John Lyons Trainer; Mountain Center, CA John Lyons Trainer Patrick Benson in Kansas City, MO click for contact info: Doug & Kathy Vouchell, John Lyons trainers; Creswell, OR pictured: Certified John Lyons Trainer Keith Hosman; Utopia, TX

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Sample "Round Pen First Steps," a Downloadable Book
by John Lyons Certified Trainer Keith Hosman

Learn how to round pen your horse with this easy, step-by-step guide to the proven techniques of John Lyons.

- Download and print from home in minutes
- Work at your own pace
- Presented in five chapters/five days

Excerpt from Day 1: "If you've got a green horse, one that you're prepping to ride, then round penning is an absolute must. If you don't have one, bear in mind that most, if not all, of the exercises covered here can be done with you attached to the horse via lunge line - but it's far simpler to make use of a pen. Spending one week or even one day in a round pen will jump your training forward - so much so that if you don't have one, I'd say it's worth your time to locate one nearby and make arrangements to trailer to it. The changes you'll make in your horse's mind are so profound and so rapid using the round pen, that you'll find yourself far ahead (later) by doing what it takes to begin there. You can skip it, sure. It's been skipped countless times. But consider this analogy: You're hiking through the woods and come upon a stream. You can take one hour to build a bridge using an old tree, vines and the knife in your pocket - or you can spend six hours to hike around. Which would you choose? Same thing with the round pen - you'll get to a trained horse whether you begin there or skip it entirely - but a little extra work now puts you miles ahead later...."

Read More/Purchase | See Reviews | Other Available eBooks

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Sample "Stop Bucking," a Downloadable Book
from John Lyons Trainer Keith Hosman

Is your horse going to put you in the hospital today — or tomorrow? Bucking is dangerous — fix it before you get hurt!

- Download and print out from home or work
- Practice at your own speed

An excerpt from Day 5: "When we can't see the signal, we need to arrange a test. See if you can't safely recreate just a little agitation on your horse's part by walking it (on foot) till you can discover what exactly might have spooked it or caused the mishap. Do a little sleuthing. Hand walk it past traffic, screaming kids, flashing lights, away from its buddies (at a safe distance, naturally). Once you figure out the cause (or one of many things that could be at the root of a bigger issue like 'separation anxiety') set that as your goal and work your way up to it. (Look back to Day Three.)

And maybe you don't think your horse even sends a signal - he just gets 'fed up' at some arbitrary point and begins bucking. Uh, guess what? He sends signals. The signals get broadcast in the moments, even days, preceding the buck. If it's a buck out of disrespect the signal could have been the horse freezing up, ignoring your cue to slow down or kicking the stall when you didn't move fast enough with the grain. Is it bucking caused by fear? Maybe the signal was throwing his shoulder into you as you led it past the scary garbage cans or a 'near bolt' through the exit when some kid blew a whistle....."

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