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By 300+ Topics
See All
By 300+ Topics
By 300+ Topics
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Trailer Training Your Foal
By 300+ Topics

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"Biting Horses," from my FREE monthly newsletter

From the Biting Horse Series:

"How do you know the difference between a threat and an innocent stance? As you would expect, it's just common sense. A horse that's copping a bad attitude will couple his pinned ears with other facial features or body language that anyone (or thing) would recognize as a warning. Just look at the horse's features as a whole and simply ask yourself if you've been "dissed." Does he look mad, freeze up or otherwise look irritated? What's the little voice in your head say? Did you have any doubt the last time your mother got mad at you? Same thing."

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From John Lyons Trainer Keith Hosman


Trailer Training Horses
A Downloadable Book

A sample from Day 4:

"If you find yourself deadlocked at any time during the trailer-training process or fear that your horse might prove extra troublesome before you even begin, put this extra step into your training: Practice loading your horse without a trailer. Teach the Go Forward cue as described in Day One. Be careful to not "pull the horse" with the lead rope but, rather, teach the horse that your cue means "drive forward with your back legs." Next, find a surface to "load him onto." For instance, from the grass onto your driveway, from his stall to the aisle, etc. That will keep you seeing things objectively and prove to you that you have control, that you can cause your horse to walk past you and into a space you've picked. Remember, you won't be (shouldn't be) walking onto your trailer with your horse when he's asked to load; you'll say "go forward" and the horse will continue up and in. Keep that sequence in mind as you practice beforehand."

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"Trailer Training"


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Tons of Training Topics


Watch How It's Done!
You Tube has about a trillion horse-training videos but, how to sift through it all? Relax! This page features links to the most popular topics. Just make a selection in the dropdown menu (above) and click "go" to see a video (lower on this page).
WARNING: I do not endorse nor necessarily recommend the training offered in these videos. While some trainers seen here are knowledgable and offer great advice, there are a few that are just downright scary in their approach. I urge you to employ common sense when gleaning tips to use in your own situation. So why include them? Because "experience" is a combination of knowing what works as well as what doesn't.
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Adaptive Riding

Adaptive Horse Riding
Physical limitations, grooming, pads and saddles, horses, etc.

Barrel Racing

Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips (series)
Approaching, turning, accelerating, stops, rollbacks, etc.


How to Bathe a Horse
Safety tips, currying, brushes, shampoo, the horse's head, etc.

Beginners - Novice

Beginning Horse Riding (series)
Safety, the jog, loping, balance, pressure, etc.

Bits - The Right Bit

Horse Bits & Bridles (series)
Snaffle bits with leverage, combination bits, O-ring, D-ring, how bits work, etc.

Blankets - Blanketing

Blanket Your Horse
How to fit a horse blanket, how to choose and use, how to add a liner, etc.


How to Bridle a Horse English Style (series)
Parts of the English bridle, tying your horse, supplies, positioning, etc.
How to Bridle a Horse Western Style (series)
Supplies, positioning, safety, adjustments, parts, etc.

Buying a Horse

Tips for Buying a Horse (series)
Choosing, good habits, confirmation, age and gender, behavior to look for, etc.

Cantering - also see Lope

How to Canter or Lope a Horse (Series)
Leads, transitions, stopping, safety, etc.


Basic Horse Care (series)
Lunging, riding, the vet, feeding, shavings, etc.
Horse Care & Knowledge (multiple series)
Anatomy (front legs, back legs), catching, nutrition, feeding schedules, etc.
How to Care for Horses (series)
Buying a horse, feeding, grooming (head, tail), lunging, etc.


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Disclaimer: Equine training can be a hazardous activity which may subject the participants to possible serious injury. Keith Hosman and his associates will not assume any liability for your activities. Our newsletter, books and videos provide general information, instruction and techniques that may not be suitable for everyone. No warranty is given regarding the suitability of this information, the instructions, and techniques to you or other individuals acting under your instructions.

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