Ground Training Horses

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By 300+ Topics
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By 300+ Topics

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"Teach a Horse to Sidepass Toward You on the Ground," from my FREE monthly newsletter

From the Training Horse in Hand Series:

"Stand not in front of your horse and not to his left, but in the space in between, that is, sort of facing his left shoulder. This area keeps you safer (notice the "er") from back leg kicks or tramplings. DO NOT GET IN FRONT OF YOUR HORSE where a sudden lurch can get you flattened. That would certainly take the fun out of this. Raise the lunge whip in your right hand, as if a conductor sans orchestra, up above your horse's left hip.

Now, listen and listen carefully: You must, must, must, develop a pattern and a rhythm to that pattern. It keeps you proactive and it breaks things down for your horse. If you want the horse to ever read your body language and begin sidepassing toward you, then you must be consistent with your teaching. That means that if you begin by raising your hand, pausing, clucking, and tapping, then ten minutes later you're still following that flow and pattern. As I've said many times, they've been everybody's dinner for eons and they're très fab at reading body language. But they suck at reading minds. Always holding your hand in such and such position and clucking is a clear signal to the trained horse. Thinking "x" but asking your horse to comply with inconsistent signals simply confuses and aggravates the both of you. Well-trained horses seemingly read their owner's minds, but they're either reacting to small clues given to them by their rider's body language, or they're trying things that have gotten them a release in the past, one after the other until successful."

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From John Lyons Trainer Keith Hosman


Round Pen First Steps
A Downloadable Book

A sample from Day 1:

"The round pen is where you start – or "re-start" – a horse. It's where you begin training babies and green horses; it's where you begin with an older horse with lousy ground manners or flawed "riding training;" it's the place where you first take control. If you'll recall Helen Keller was a (now famous) deaf, dumb and blind girl who had exasperated all who had tried to work with her. She was completely out of control, throwing temper tantrums and the like – until they found a small and simple way to begin communicating with her. They poured water over her palm and began pressing on her hand, spelling out the word "water," or so the story goes. The round pen offers us the same beginning. By beginning to control the horse's feet in the simplest fashion, we begin to gain control. By consistently getting the feet – and later getting the feet to move in our chosen direction – we instill in the horse an understanding and partnership. The horse's nature is such that "somebody's gotta be in control." It's either you, your horse, or another horse (for instance, when they charge off with their buddies on the trail, ignoring your requests to slow down). Some horses naturally believe it's their job, others will assume the top spot only if they feel you to be weak. Either way, you have two options: Be the boss or get bossed."

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Basic Training of the Young Horse

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Ground Training Horses
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