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Learning About Horses

Every month this website gets tons of visits (and emails) from people just like you, folks looking to learn answers to topics very similar to the one you're probably facing right now.

• "My horse bucks, bolts and bites!"
• "How do I lunge Ol' Dobber?"
• "How do I stop bucking horses?"

I've posted some of those horse-training questions and answers below because we're all learning about horses together. If you don't find your answer there, send me an email and I'll see what I can do. The address follows.

While it hasn't been possible to answer all of them, I have taken my best shot at pointing folks toward some answers in every case. When practical, I've suggested relevant articles (that you'll find for free here on this site), products or second-cousin topics. Clicking on a topic will take you to yet another listing of free articles, books and DVDs. If a related article does not yet exist, I've done my best to suggest one that does offer insight.

Keith Hosman
John Lyons Certified Trainer

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Letter Archive

Accidents While Riding
How to Handle Horse That Has Spooked: What can I do to help us? She is not usually a spooky horse.

Adaptability and Forgiveness
Child Horse Riding: I thought she was super safe - and seemed to be when we purchased her

Adopting Horses
Training the Rescued Horse to Be Ridden: I adopted 3 horses that were left to die and would like to train them so I can ride them - and I need help

Age - to Start Training
I Would Like to Have Your Opinion on This Subject: How old should your horse be before you start riding it?

Horse Bucking Rider Off: I have a horse who is lazy, dangerous and explosive
Training Aggressive Horses: I wonder if she could have a mental problem
Is My Horse Being Aggressive when he Tries to Bite Me?: When I go to put the halter on he might give me a nip (not all of the time) - and this isn’t aggressive but nevertheless disrespectiful
Horse Ground Training: Is there any way to curb a bossy mare and how can I teach her to be caught?
Horse Kicking: My gelding attacked and killed a geriatric mare

Attention - Getting it from Your Horse
Horse Training Problem: Either I can't emit enough energy to get his attention or I'm not strong enough
How to Train a Horse: Could you give more examples on thinking right
Training a Stubborn Horse: When I'm in the saddle, its a different story. Its like he can't hear me

Attitude - rider
Horse Training Information: I feel her issues were environment and ignorance on the part of her previous owner

Attitude - the Horse's
How Do You Train a 2 Year Old That Wasn't Handled as a Foal?: I have a 2 year old that wasn't handled as a foal very much. She is halter broke and leads ok, but has an attitude. What training courses do I need?

Backing Up
Teach a Horse to Backup: He doesn't want to back up. He starts rearing his head up
How to Teach the Older Horse to Backup: How to make a old Horse Backup

Backing Up - to Avoid Something
My Horse Starts Backing Up when he Gets Frightened: He rides great and is relatively a good horse but I cannot trust that on trails. If we're riding and he's unsure of something he'll back up 10 feet or so

Bad Habits and Vices
Horse Behavior Problems: She has gotten into the bad habit of pawing the pipes of her corral
Ground Training Horse: He has sort of what I would consider a "sour" attitude.
Horse Training Information: My gelding sticks his tongue out of his month when we are in the show ring
Horse That Rears Up to Get Out of Doing Something: I thought I would walk him on a lead rope and he all of a sudden got cranky reared up and ran up the hill
Too Long to Get Horse's Mouth Open for Bit: How get him to take the bit with out forcing him
What to Do with a Horse That Puts Its Tongue Over the Bit: I have a mare we bought at a sale that puts her tongue up over the bit
My Horse Puts His Tongue Over Bit or Chews it: Horses that put their tongues over the bit

Thrown Off a Few Times - Out of the Blue: My Morgan will suddenly balk during a trot or a canter and then he will veer off to the right trying to unseat me
If I Push Him for a Liittle While he Rears Big Time!: His problem is that after riding him for a while he just refuses to do more... and just goes for the stable
If We Stop Then he Stops and Refuses to Continue to Move: Our problem is the horse will allow us to saddle him and get on him but he won't move forward at all unless he is lead

Bareback Riding
Fine with a Saddle - But he Bucks when Ridden Bareback: How can we make bare back riding enjoyable for my horse?

Barn and Facilities
Horse Stable Management: Is there a better way of getting rid of flies?
Round Pen Footing: I was wondering what the best footing is for a round pen or a corral where horses are kept?
Training a Stubborn Horse: She is trying to get into the barn to get to the feed
Building a Horse Arena: We're putting up an outdoor arena. Could you give your opinion on the minimum size?

Barn Sour
Barn Sour Horse: He throws a fit when taken anywhere without his stablemate
Suddenly My Horse Runs Back to the Barn: Is it possible for a horse to become barn sour over night?
Barn Sour Horses: He will prance, fight the bit, rear and buck and try to run to the gate.
Barn Sour Horse: My horse doesn't want to listen when I want her away from the barn area
Our Barn Sour Horse: What Can I Do to Show this Horse that It’s Ok to Be by Himself Without Another Horse?

Basic Training
Quarter Horse Training: I have a 2 year old quarter horse and I want to do all the work
Horse Training Videos: I wanted to get him some videos on training horses
Starting a Horse: How do I start training? Also, the horse always tries to bite me
Horse Training Clinics: I'd like your opinion on whether my horse is ready for your clinic
What Are My First Steps Before the First Ride?: I have 2 horses that need to be broken; they are only halter broke but let us lean on them and the mare will let me just about climb on
How to Retrain a Horse: I am the 3rd owner of this horse. What do we do now?
How to Train Mustang Horses: Should I accept that this horse, because of breed and temperament, may not be the horse for me?
How to Start Horse: Will you be having anything on starting a horse?
How to Start a Horse: Where do I begin?
Young Horse Training: He will not walk forward he wants to go backwards all the way. He also has a biting problem
New Horse Owner: I like to get the products you use to train your new horse.
Buying a First Horse: I have just purchase my first horse. He is 15 months old and I need to know what to do next
Basic Horse Training: I would love to know when you come back this way again
Horse Training Problems: She bucks, kicks, rears, and will occasionally bite

Behavioral Changes
My Horse Has Gone from Bad to Much Worse: Now that he has groceries on, he won't load, only spins in circles when under saddle and won't lead at all, just balks
Horse Is Getting Dangerous Following Surgery: After the fracture, things began to change; he began attacking other horses, jumping and breaking the fences to get away from them
My Horse Kicks and Bites when I'm Not Looking: While putting the saddle on she will put her ears back and turn towards me trying to kick me
My Horse Is Going to Hurt Herself Getting Into the Trailer: My half-Quarter horse loaded okay - but recently she wants nothing to do with a trailer
My Horse Was Fine - Till I Got Another: He is beginning to try and bite me when I groom him or am cleaning the stall
My Horse Seems Annoyed and Refuses to Go on: He just stops and wants to quit; he jerks his head, backs up, stomps his feet
I'm Nervous Now with This New (Bad) Attitude: He Never Spooks, Bucks, Rears or Bites.That Is Until Now
My Horse Has a Split Personality: At home: quiet; on the trail: prances

Bit - Getting It In the Horse's Mouth
The Horse Has Started Refusing the Bit After Being Sick: Now he wont take the bit, it's like he's afraid, and I've tried all the methods I know to get him to take it
My Horse Now Refuses the Bit and Rears to Get Away: He has now decided he does Not want to take the bit by way of totally refusing

Bit Responsiveness - see also Give to Bit
My Horse Will Give to the Bit and Drop Her Head, But...: As I'm picking up the left rein to ask the horse to break at the poll what should my right hand be doing?

Biting Horses: Do you have any tips for a biting horse?
Biting Horses: I have a colt and he's been a biter... I'm at my end
How Do I Stop My Horse from Biting Me when Saddled?: My horse wants to bite something when I cinch her
How Do I Control My Horse Around Other Animals?: My horse likes little animals but my husband's horse DISLIKES little animals and tries biting or stepping on them. What do I do?
Horse Biting: How do I successfully stop a playful stud from biting or nipping on me?
I Don't Want to Get Near My Horse's Mouth: When she is getting cinched, she wants to bite
Horse Biting Problems: I just read the article in your September newsletter about stopping biting. I have 2 questions
My Horse Tries to Bite Me when I Ride: When I get her out of the round pen she tries to rear up and buck and then she is biting
Biting Horse: What to do for a horse that bites?
Horse Biting Problems: Badly damaged and highly reactive
Get a Horse to Quit Trying to Bite Me: How to stop horse from biting
Simple Cure for Biting Horses: Informative, helpful and entertaining article on how to stop biting
Horse Put His Mouthh Around My Arm: He licked my forearm and proceeded to very gently close his whole mouth over my arm
I Assume he Is Testing Me - But Has Not Before: my horse tries to bite me as I brush under him or where cinch is placed
What to Do with a Foal That Keeps Biting: I had to go to the hospital because my horse bit me
This Horse Just Hates to Be Led with a Rider on Him: One of our horses constantly tries to bite the person leading him in sessions
Horse Is More of a Brat Despite Gentling: Suddenly, he is biting viciously

Bits - Full Cheek Snaffle
Which Bit - That You Sell on Your Site - Is Right for Me and My Horse?: Do you know anything about the bits listed on the website? Would you recommend one of them?
Should I Use a Full Cheek Snaffle Bit Everytime I Ride?: The full cheek snaffle bits you sell are okay to use all the time, right?

Bits - Snaffle
Horse Snaffle Bit: I am looking for a full cheek snaffle....is the weight of it important?
Differences Between Types of Snaffle Bits: What's a square snaffle bit - and what's the difference between a square snaffle and a regular snaffle?
Western Training Bit: How big are the cheek pieces on the full cheek snaffle bit you're selling?
Caring for Bits - Dealing with Rust: How can you get the rust off of a horse's bit?

Bits - the Different Types
Is it Better to Train a Horse with a Copper Bit?: My preference is the copper bit but that is only because that was the way I was brought up. Do you have a preference?

Bits - the Right Bit
Types of Horse Bits: I'm confused about bits
Horse Snaffle Bits: I would like to purchase one of the John Lyons bits but I was wondering what size it comes in
When Can We Introduce This Horse to a Bit - or Should We?: I would like to introduce my mare to going more in a bit. The problem is, she is losing her teeth
If You Do Not Want to Use Paypal when Ordering: I do not want to use PayPal
Is it Time to Switch to a Full Cheek Snaffle from the Tom Thumb?: I use a tom thumb bit but also have a full cheek snaffle sitting around that I've never used, but have thought about trying
Stubborn Horse Has Learned How to Take Control: My mare who is 13 doesn't do good with any of the bits I've tried
Types of Horse Bits: What is your advise regarding bitless bridles vs. a bridle with the snaffle bit?
Bit Horse Western: I have a horse that needs a stronger bit
Horse Snaffle Bits: Do you think I should change the bar snaffle to a different bit?
How Do I Regain My Horse's Trust? and Which Bit Should I Use?: Would you recommend switching to a snaffle bit? Also, she no longer will come by me in the arena or in the pasture
Horse Bit Fitting: When I ride her she turns her head up and starts biting the bit
Which Bit Should I Use on My Green Three Year Old?: I have a 3 year old quarter horse that is green broke, what bit do I need to ride with?
Which Bit Is Right for Me and My Horse: Would you recommend a bit and specifically, one over the other?
The Right Bit for My Horse: I would really like to know what you think of bit less bridles

Bitting and Bitting Up
He Has a Problem Taking the Bit: when bridled he puts his tongue over, under and wollows the bit in his mouth
Trouble Saddling Up: My horse tries to bite me as soon as I put the saddle on

Blind Horses - Blindness
How Big a Challenge Is it to Train a Blind Horse?: How difficult would it be to train my one-eyed mare to be ridden?
Info on How I'd Go About Training My Blind Gelding: I own a blind gelding. I am looking for anything on training blind horses
Horse Is Now Going Blind in Second Eye: My question is What causes blindness in horses?
Can This Work Be Adapted to Help a Blind Horse?: Is there an alternative way to do some of these exercises with a one-eyed horse?

What Training Should Be Done with This Uptight Horse?: Bolting is dangerous and I need to be safe and around alot of other horses with out him being scared of their flags and sudden movements
My Horse Takes it Upon Himself to Keep Safe - By Bolting: My saddlebred is great at getting me and him out of a situation that he deems unsafe by running out of an area, I think some call this bolting
What to Do with a Horse That Bolts at the Canter: The horse I'm training is sweet and totally calm and relaxed at the walk and trot. However, he bolts unpredictably when he is cantering
Spooky Horse Calms - Then Bolts Again Unexpectedly: We lunged him for about 45 minutes over all with a couple of breaks; he seemed very calm and glad to rest. He tried to mount up and he bolted
How to Stop a Bolting Horse: She is getting to the point where she is getting hard to ride
Basic Horse Training: My horse Jughead has one very dangerous vice. He bolts or attacks when he sees other horse’s.
Bolting Horse: He gets scared or something, bolts and there is NO STOPPING HIM
Dying to Ride a Horse That Might Kill Me: She got on him and he took off on her fast, she couldn’t stop him and he took her flying back to the barn
This Behavior Happens So Quickly That I Miss the Moment (to Correct it): The thing that he does that I don't have an answer for is bolting.
He Drug Me Until I Was Forced to Turn Loose; he Would Not Stop: when I ride him on trails is great until I step off then he bolts

Bratty and Naughty Behavior
Dealing with Unruly Behavior when the Vet Gives Injections: How do you keep a horse from rearing when the vet is giving a shot?

Breaking Horses - also see Starting Horses
Training Unbroke Horses to Be Ridden Safely By Children: I have two appendix mares that I am looking to get trained

New Horse Owner: I am trying to get her to take the bit and she just won't open her mouth for me
Best Start for the Unbroke Horse: I have always worked with older horses but have never started form scratch
Bit Horse Training: My horse is terrible at putting a bit in his mouth
Would the Use of a Martingale Affect a Horse That Plays with the Bit?: My horse is very focused on his bit and continuously mouths it. Should I use a martingale?

Training Spooky Horses: Yesterday he spooked and then bucked my husband off breaking his clavicle.
After Abuse This Mare Refuses to Trot or Lope: She's fine when you get on her and walk but when you get her out of a walk she goes buck wild
How Do i Deal with a Bucking Horse: Do you have ANY literature or information concerning how to get a horse to stop bucking?
Bucking Horse Training: When he started bucking he could look back and see his hind feet up above his head
How Do i Train a Bucking Horse: Is there a way to truly break a horse from bucking?
How Do i Deal with a Bucking Horse: She would do anything to get you off her back
Trots Perfect But Bucks Into Lope: My horse refuses to lope without bucking
Horse Bucking Rider Off: The auction was probably the only answer for him now warning any bidders that he had a problem with occasionally throwing a fit for no reason and trying to get his rider off
Bucking Horse Training: At any given time, my horse will decide to buck.
Horse Buck Stop: My horse rides like a dream until she wants to quit. Then she has a bucking fit
My Horse Will Only Let Me Ride Him, No One Else: My Arabian gelding won't let anyone else ride him, he starts to jig jog/buck/rear... but not what he's being asked to do. When I ride him he's an angel
Horse Bucks Like Its a Rodeo when Asked to Canter: As his health has improved, so has his bucking strength and ability
Horse Buck Stop: The only bad thing about her is she will only let me ride her
How Do i Train a Bucking Horse: I just don't want the "old man" to keep getting tossed
Using Your Techniques, How Long Till I Can Ride Safely?: What is the worst case horse that you have seen as far as how long it took from applying the techniques before you could saddle up and ride?
When Is it Time to Go Faster Than a Walk?: I need to know if you think she will buck me off
My Miniature Horse Bucks - What Do I Do?: I have to keep a lead rope on him when she rides and some times he will buck for no reason
Horse Spooks and Bucks when Something Touches Legs: This scares her so much she bucks until you fall off
What to Do After Being Bucked Off: Since I was bucked off, I'm unsure of myself in finishing the ground work
Should I Get Rid of My Bucking Horse?: My horse is bucking and not wanting to work in the arena and does fine on trail rides
Squeezing with My Legs Causes Bucking: Whenever I apply leg pressure the horse bucks and I end up getting thrown
Do You Know Why My Horse Bucks?: My horse tries to throw me and I have to make her run a little before she stops bucking
Make My Horse Stop Bucking: When (our horse) is kicked up into a lope or gallop she will buck, and I mean buck!
Ps: and he Runs Away from Me in the Field: my horse is being stuborn he has bucked me off
when i try ask him to walk or trot
Horse That Bucks with Some Riders But Not All: Why does my wifes horse ONLY let her ride her - but bucks when I try to ride her
Bucking Because of Pain or Injury?: My horse bucks - and my gut always told me my horse was in pain
Her Horse Bucks when Picking Up Lope or Canter: She has begun to buck whenever she tries to move from a trot or walk to a lope or canter
Will More Traditional Training Methods End My Horse's Crow Hopping?: As his health has improved, so has his bucking strength and ability. Everyone at my barn is stunned I can even stay on.
My Horse Keeps Launching Me: He began bucking innocently enough
My Horse Bucked with Me About 4 Times: Do you have any advice for me to quit him from bucking?
Am I Wasting My Time and Money with This Old Horse?: Am I wasting my time or is it possible to break a horse in at any age?
What Can I Do to Fix My Horse That Suddenly Bucked?: He just started bucking threw me off and took off running
Should I Put This Horse in the Rodeo?: I put a driving surcincle on him and he bellowed and bucked like a bronc, he stoped finally and stood with his back legs apart shaking

Buddy Sour
Barn Sour Horse: What can I do about the horse left behind?
Horses Freeze Up and Refuse to Leave Their Buddies: They never want to get out of sight of the other horses. They get upset and either wont budge or they will try to turn back toward the other horses
My Horse Goes Crazy If it Can't See Other Horses: I have a horse who is VERY buddy sour
Training Problem Horses: Trouble is his different personality when I ride alone or with my friend teaching me...
Controlling Your Horse when Another Horse Leaves: My horse is a brat when the other horse is taken away from him and she will strike at us and we can hardly control her
The New Horse Won't Me Ride My First Horse: One of my horses won't let me ride another one of my horses
Horse Keeps Calling for Foal: Is there anything I can do differently with her to have her stop whinnying in the show ring?
My Nervous Horse Makes Me Nervous: I am not experienced and his nervousness makes me nervous and I know he can feel this

Build Confidence
Nervous Rider: I have recently come to know a woman who had a terrible accident on a horse.
Horse Training Technique: She has been hurt badly on idiot horses in the past and her confidence is down
Horse Fears: He gets nervous when he feels insecure and he's gotten out of hand by fighting me and blowing up

Buying a Horse
Make Horse Stand Still While I Get on: I want to teach him to park so that I can mount him

Calm Down Cue
How Do I Keep My Horse Calm when he's Scared of Bears?: About the 3rd ride he started getting more extreme, stopping, turning, and backing up in the opposite direction we were going, and bucking a bit
What Should I Do with This Horse I Purchased That Is Too Wired?: I bought a horse and have to retrain her. She's loving but won't calm down. What should I do?

Cantering - also see Lope
How Can I Get Horse Into Canter Easier?: I can get him up into a trot with no problem but it's very hard to get up to a canter
Tips for Starting Your Show Horse: I don't know how to get her to canter
Horse 'Raises Its Back' when Moved Up Into Canter: I trot her and she is fine - but when I ask her to canter she goes to buck
My Horse Won't Canter and Throws Us Off: I dont know what to do now

Care for Tack, Saddle and Facilities
Instructions or Pictures Showing How to Assemble Saddle: I can not figure out how to attach the upper girth (belt) that goes across the top of the saddle
Getting My Saddle Repaired Locally: I have two saddles that need of some major fixing

Careers with Horses
Horse Training Jobs: I really want to become a trainer
Becoming a Horse Trainer: I would love the opportunity to come work for you

Catching and Turning Loose
I Can't Train My Horse If I Can't Catch Him: I would like to be able to work with him on a daily basis but because I cant catch him, I can't build up a regular schedule
Teach Your Horse to Want to Be Caught: I accidently taught my horse to love to be caught
Sore Horse: I can barely touch her and she will not let me catch her except for feeding time
Hard to Catch Horse: Can you give me any tips where he will at least let me pet him and catch him?
Our Mare Is Hard to Catch After Being Ridden: The day after we ride her she runs away and is hard to catch again
This Horse Bolts Off when You Try to Catch it: She will let me approch her in the field but when I reach out my hand toward her she gets all nervious and bolts on me
Horse Reverts in Training when Turned Loose: Once she is turned loose in an open pasture, we can’t catch her
How Do You Break a Stubborn Horse: How to de-boss a bossy mare and how can I fix the "hard to catch" thing?
Our Horse Is Getting Harder and Harder to Catch. What to Do?: We have a 25 year old quarter horse that has always been difficult if not impossible to catch in the pasture. Lately he has been getting worse.
So Bad That Now We Can't Get Him Into the Barn at Night: We have a 25 year old quarter horse that has always been difficult if not impossible to catch in the pasture
How to Catch My Horse: He refuses to be caught easily

Cinches and Pads
What Is Causing My Horse's Problems with Girths/Cinches?: I have a retired hunter (quarter and thoroughbred) that has anxiety about girths. It doesn't matter what kind of girth I use
Bad Back and Leg Problem: Do you have an open cell pad to reduce the shock on my back or something that'd work to relieve some of the pressure from riding?
John Lyons Recommends: I'm looking to purchase the western cinch recommended by John Lyons

Cinching Up
Here's Something That Worked to Cure a Cinchy Horse: I'm not sure why, but the "saddling dance" my now 24 year old mare used to do stopped when I started putting the bridle on before the saddle....
Problems Cinching Up My Horse: When I'm saddling my horse and start tightening the cinch my horse will sometimes fall to her knees or jump forward
Girth Sore Problems: He gets saddle sore and cinch rubs easily
Problems when Putting on Saddle: When I started to cinch him up he reared up and fell over backwards

Fitting Saddles: I have been accused of over tightening the cinch for 20 years
Why Did My Horse Become Cinchy - and Start Pulling Back?: Within the past 3 rides, she's become cinchy and runs back on the halter
Cinching Up a Cranky Young Horse: Keeping a very talented yearling who is "cinchy"
I'm Trying to Fix This Cinchy Horse - Am I Doing This Right?: I was wondering if you had any advice other than really taking my time and using a stepped up approach when cinching him up?

Clinics - Boarding Your Horse During Event
What to Do After You'Ve Signed Up - But Before the Clinic Takes Place: Now that I've got my deposit in to your ride in your clinic, what do I do next?

Clinics - Find One Near You and Schedules
How Do I Know when a Horse-Training Clinic Happens Near Me?: I want to come to a clinic the next time you are in Washington. Could you please let me know the next time you plan on coming to Washington?
Buys a Horse - Then Decides to Learn What it's Gonna Take: I just bought a horse and thought we could learn together
Knowing when Horse Training Clinics Happen Near You: Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for so I'll be informed of a clinic near me?
What Training Course Would I Recommend for the 'Hot-Horse' Rider?: I need horse-training courses for myself, one dealing with a nervous horse, how to calm him before riding, control of a hot horse in endurance riding, etc.
Attending a Clinic - But Finding One First: I would like to attend to one of your clinics if you having in Utopia or around San Antonio
I'm Trying to Find a Horse Seminar Somewhere in the Four-State Area: I want a clinic/seminar where he brings his horse and he rides
Is My Horse Training Clinic Right for You and Your Horse?: What does your 2-day clinic entail? I am interested in coming with my horse and would like to know what is taught and discussed in the clinic
What Will Be Demonstrated/Learned in Your Horse Training Clinic?: When are you going to be in Jacksonville (to conduct a training clinic) and what topics are going to be demonstrated?
Is There Special Training Available for the Blind Horse?: Do you do any special training specifically for those with blind horses?

Clinics - Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs
What Does it Cost to Put on a Clinic - and What Do We Get?: Do you do clinics at private barns? How much do you charge for something like that? What is included and how would we go about scheduling one?

Clinics - General Info
Horse Training Clinic: If we missed one of your clinics in our area...
Horsemanship Clinics: Free or reasonably priced clinics
Clinic Horse Training: Do you do clinics at private barns?
When Is a Riding Clinic Coming to My Area?: I'm interested in observing or maybe participating in one of your events
Horse Training Clinics: Q: Does my horse have to be shod? Can I bring two horses to the clinic? Answer...
Riding in a Clinic: I'm a bit shy when it comes to someone pointing out my flaws in front of many strangers
Which Horse Should I Ride with in Your Clinic?: I am looking to build up my confidence more in my riding
Riding Clinics for the English Rider: Would this clinic really not apply to my type of riding?
Boarding and Care for Your Horse During the Riding Clinic: I've signed up for your riding clinic - Where can I board my horse during the event?

Clinics - How-Why-When to Host One
If I Wanted to Host a Horse-Training Clinic, What Would I Need?: Regarding hosting a clinic, how many horses would it take to make it worthwhile and what would be expected facility wise?
Any Upcoming Horse-Training Clinics in Ontario: How many horses would it take to make it worthwhile and what would be expected facility wise?

Clinics - What to Do Before Event
I'Ve Signed Up and Paid for a Riding Clinic - What Do I Do Next?: What do I have to do between now and the riding clinic?

Teaching a Horse to Canter: As soon as I lope off with him his head is low but his nose is stuck way out in Sweden and he loses all of his frame
Training Western Pleasure Horse: She is worried that letting her horse move faster for English and jumping is going to ruin his western pleasure gaits.

Colts - Training
What's Next After Roundpenning My Young Colt?: I have a yearling colt started in the round pen and would like to attend the next clinic

Come to You
How Do You Teach a Horse to Come to You?: How can I make my horse come to me by calling his name?
The Easy-to-Train Horse That Won't Be Caught: He is one of the sweetest horses that you would want and is happy with anything that you ask him to do, except come to you
Getting My Horse to Meet Me at the Gate: How do I get my horse to come to me, when I call?

How Do I Communicate with This Horse?: I have no idea how to help my horse understand what i want of him
Training Blind Horses: Training specific to blind horses
Eye Problem with Horse: How do you train blind horses?

Competing - also see Showing
How Do You Keep a Horse Calm in an Exciting Show Arena?: I have a mare who is calm and cooperative except in an arena. She gets scared, head up, snorting etc... what can I do to get her to calm down?

Fear of Horses: I fell off my horse two years ago and have not ridden (my horse) since
Tips and Training Videos to Improve Our Riding: Do you have any tips that could help her, DVDs, etc?

Connect Rein to Feet
Trail Horse Riding: She likes to wander from one side of the road to the other

Connect Rein to Hip
Horse Training Article: I have read the "steer the tail" and the "hip-shoulder-shoulder" exercises. Could you please explain what the difference is?

Barrel Horse Training: The last few rodeos we’ve had to put her on a different horse because we couldn’t get him under control.
Training Spooky Horses: What is going on with my horse?

Cribbing - aka Wind Sucking
Stop Horse from Cribbing: Is there a way to stop cribbing?
Head Tossing Keeps Horse from Being Bridled: He wont let me put his bridle on

Cross Firing - Cross Canter
Picking Up the Right Lead - and Fixing a Cross-Firing Horse: He will take his left lead with no problem but his right lead is giving me a problem - and I think he crosscanters. How do I stop this?

Crossing Objects
Training My Horse to Cross Holes: I tried for two hours to get her to walk over it

Crow Hopping - Bucking
Doing the Training Yourself when the Trainer Calls it Quits: I'm in the process of training a gelding and he likes to buck alot. My trainer kind of gave up on him because she said hes 'unpredictable'
I'm Nervous About Pushing Horse Into Buck: She'll work well one direction, pick up each transition with no fuss carrying her head low, then the next direction she'll buck and roll and shake her head
When You Can't Seem to Shake Your Fear of Horses and Riding...: Do you have a special way in which to help the rider rid themselves of their fear?
Is a Horse-Training Clinic the Answer If Your Horse Bucks?: I'm looking for clinic opportunities for my paint horse. I can't go home and even walk/trot ride, she throws us off. I'm looking for any help I can get
I Love My Horse, But She Is Going to Kill Me: I don't know what to do. I'm extremely distraught over this bucking.
Needs a Trainer's Help with This Bucking Horse: How can I stop my horse from bucking again?
May I Send You a Video?: May I send you a video and have you tell me what to do about my horse bucking and whirling around?
What Can I Do with a Horse That Bucks and Rears?: My horse bucks and rears at my family what do I do?!

Cues - Ignoring Them
Trouble Getting My Horse to Move Forward: I'm having problems with the go forward cue

Cues Lesson Plans Goals
How Many Days a Week Should This Horse Be Pushed Hard in Its Training?: She and her Dad have different thoughts about how often the horses should be practiced
Learning to Ride a Horse: I am looking forward to riding again

I'd Like to Train My Horse for Cutting: I need some tips or complete training for cutting

Dangerous Horses
Getting My Dangerous Horse Under Control: She does good for awhile then blows up and gets downright dangerous
We Can't Trust This Horse: She raised her head, laid back her ears and lunged with teeth barred

Desensitizing - also see Despooking or Sacking Out
My Horse Flinches at My Touch - Could it Be Static Electricity?: When I pet my horse she jumps. She has been completely desenitized. Is is possible she's getting a static electric shock from my rubbing?
Okay to Touch Horse's Head and Neck - But Not Beyond Shoulders: I have a year old filly who does not like to be touched. How can I stop her from backing away from me when I get to the shoulder area?
I Can't Get Past Her Shoulders; We Are at a Huge Standoff: She is exceptionally smart and she throws temper tantrums when she gets frustrated
Trouble Touching Horse: One minute she'll let you touch her face and neck and the next she really freaks
Horse Training Question/Advice: My dilema is, his fear or foreign things can make him dangerous

Directional Control
My Horse Won't Budge - Except it Keeps Backing Up: The horse will not do anything, Just flexes its head and wants to fall over the other way. She will not budge!
We Don't Travel Straight - it's More of a Zigzag Pattern: I can't get my mare to walk straight, she veers off and when I give a cue to staighten up she overcorrects and goes way to the opposite direction
This Horse Balks and the Only Direction he'Ll Go Is Back Home: He didn't want to lead ten feet away from the other horses. He would just plant his front feet and turn his butt away and work his way back to the herd
He Balks, Jigs, Goes Sideways, Crow Hops, Rears - or All of the Above: I have a 13 year old QH gelding that whirls around when I ride him. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot
How Can I Stop the Backing?: My Quarter horse starts backing when he is scared of something
Horses That Fight the Bit - and Veer the Wrong Direction: He somehow learned that if he braces and pulls you into these objects you will eventually release the pressure to avoid an accident

Dog Training
Horse Training Problem: Is there any way to get my German Shepherd to stop constantly barking at my horses?

Do-It-Yourself Training - DIY
I Need a Game Plan for Training My Horse: Now that I have an Arab mare at eight years old and not much training I realize how much skill is required and that I need information right away
I'Ve Never Trained Before. How Do I Break This Horse?: I have been working everyday with him and now I am ready to start riding him. What should I do?
Thank You for All the Information That You Send Me and Access to the Articles: I think i have some really good horses and with the right training they will be even better

Download My eBooks - Help and Info
Can I Have One of Your Downloadable Books Mailed to Me?: I'm not that great on the computer. Can you email me and let me know how I can get started getting (downloadable) books?
Help Downloading Ebook: I did download to my desk top and tried Adobe reader and Portable PDf files neither one could open it. Any suggestions?
I Want the Downloadable Training Book But My Computer Is a Problem: I don't have the PC capacity to download the eBook 'How to Start a Horse, Bridling to 1st Ride.' Is there another way to get the book?
Things to Try when Your Computer Has Trouble Opening a Pdf File: I need help opening the Stop Bucking eBook

Drop Head
How to Get Horse to Drop His Head in Lope: He will not collect and the head is held very high
Getting the Horse's Head Down: I need help with a remedy to work on getting that head down so I don't have to rely on the martingale
How/What Do I Do to Stop This Behavior?: I have a horse who throws his head really high every time I take the bridle off

Ear Pinning
Horse Herd Dynamics: How do I solve the problem of my mare pinning her ears at other horses?
Horse Behavior Problem: How can I stop her from pinning her ears?

Eating While Bridled
How Can I Keep My Horse from Eating Grass?: My 9 yr old QH constantly pulls down to eat grass while I am holding her by the lead rope just trying to have her stand quietly

Horse Training Problem: How do you train a horse to stay with a fallen rider?

Emotional Training
Training Problem Horses: She is awesome except she is dangerous and frankly I am very concerned. PLEASE help.
She Is Spooking at Everything, Including Things That Are Not There: I have 2 problem horses. A new mare that is far too spooky and a gelding that is soft backed

Horse Tack Equipment: My horse stepped on her reins and one of the little screws came out of her bridle. Where I can get a replacement?
Horse Tack and Supply: What are the essentials I need to have in the barn as far as tack, grooming and health care, etc?


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