Training a Spooky Horse

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Letters > Training a Spooky Horse/Trailer Loading and Trailers

"How do I get my spooky horse to ride in the trailer by herself without going ballistic?"


Dear Keith...

Friday, August 18, 2006

How do I get my spooky horse to ride in the trailer by herself without going ballistic? She loads pretty good, but starts pulling back and has even gotten her feet up in the manger part of the trailer, when I shut the escape door and leave her in the trailer alone. If I have another horse in the trailer, she is ok and pretty much stays calm. Thank you for your insight. Michelle T



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What worked for one of my horses with the same problem (she actually jumped out the back of a (stopped, thankfully) two-horse forward loading trailer) was to put her into a large stock trailer. She was then driven around for 45 minutes (and was fine with the larger area). Then each day for about five days she was driven around (about the same period of time each day) in smaller and smaller areas (the divider was moved closer to her. By the time we got to a regular size stall she could travel in the small two-horse okay.



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Thank you for your advice. I will definitely try it!

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