How to Retrain a Horse

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Letters > How to Retrain a Horse/Basic Training

"I am the 3rd owner of this horse. What do we do now?"


Dear Keith...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hi I have had a mustang for 8 months i am the 3rd owner of this horse. He was a wild mustang, the 1st owner I was told did nothing with him but put him in a small pasture and left him. When we got him he was really under weight I would say about 200 lbs or more. Well we have worked with him and he is slowly coming around but we don't know that much about horses and in need of help. I guess my ? is what do we need to do now ? I love my horse so getting rid of him no option. The reason we have took it so slow was we was told he had been neglected and abused so we are taking it slow for him to learn to trust us. I know we need the trust from him and he needs it from us. And the 2nd owner only had him for one night so he did nothing with him but get rid of him. And not only the horse needs training here but we don't have alot of money to spend either most places cost between 1500.00 and 2500.00. And that's us trying to get him loaded then trying to get him unloaded and spending a week with them and i can't do that because both me and my husband works. he is a gentle horse sometimes has a mind of his own but he is a good horse oh his name is Scout. Man i didn't mean to type just BS but i thought it wise to tell u somethings about the horse. Thank You, Pamela

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