How to Load a Stubborn Horse

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Letters > How to Load a Stubborn Horse/Trailer Loading and Trailers

"I have a very large 17 hand 1550 lb Holsteiner mare that DOES NOT load."


Dear Keith...

Monday, February 5, 2007

I have a very large 17 hand 1550 lb Holsteiner mare that DOES NOT load. I know quite a few people say that but I have had everyone and their brother attempt to load her and leave baffled! Her problem is one I have not seen before. She will actually load just fine onto the trailer but then immediately backs off. There is nothing you can do to keep her on long enough to close the butt bar up behind her. She can be transported but it requires me walking onto the trailer with her and someone else closing the door behind us. You canít even put up the butt bar until after the door is closed. IĎm afraid in doing it this way that someone is bound to get hurt if she comes barreling off against the door and the obvious- I cant take her anywhere by myself! Were stuck at our barn and to make matters worse my husband is in the military which requires us to move every 2-3 years so itís a problem I absolutely must work out and Iíve tried everything. Iím missing something and I just canít seem to even figure out where to go from here. We would love to get to one of your clinics or try to set something up on the side if you even consider doing that. She is located in Spring Branch just north of San Antonio. Thanks so much for your help in advance. Lisa Frasch



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Hey, wait a minuteÖ Iím also located in San AntonioÖ I live in Utopia, near Bandera. I can come out and work with you if youíd like. Most of our scheduled clinics in 07 are in far flung states. Keith



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Hey Keith That was a quick response! Thanks! We are located just inside Spring Branch, TX. I would LOVE to schedule a time you might be able to come out and help me. My mare has been through quite a bit this year. Sheís battled back after a serious injury and weíre finally at the point we might actually be able to clinic and show and now just the trailer stands in our way! She canít be forced, first sheís way too big and second her brain shuts down at the slightest idea of it. She gets on calmly but only when I lead her on- she wonít go all the way on by herself. Then she comes off and is happy to get back on again (well maybe not happy but she does it!) but itís just this vicious cycle that never ends with her on the trailer and me happy. Let me know the details and your time frame and we can start working on it! Have a great night! Lisa

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