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Letters > Bond with Your Horse/Respect and Trust

"The fine line between bonding with our horses and gaining respect"


Dear Keith...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hi Keith: I was wondering if you had any articles , books or DVDs on helping people with the fine line we walk from affection or bonding with our horses and in turn gaining the respect you want. Myself and others at my barn struggle with this issue daily. For an example when I go to the barn my gelding leaves the herd and comes to the gate to greet me. He knows he will get an affectionate rub on his neck and face. The owner of the barn and my coach tells me she schools him when she brings him in because he greets her at the gate pushing his nose into her. Might I add we all show our horses halter, western and english . Another example , when I lead my horse he occasionally puts his nose on my arm or just touches me some where with his nose. I thought it was a sign of affection but my coach says don't let him touch you as he will do it in halter class. Perhaps you can point me to some literature I can read or DVD I can watch that will help me define that line. Thanking you in advance for your reply. Connie



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Well, let’s seeeeee... There’s a DVD “Understanding Horses,” by Dr. Robert Miller. I’ve never seen the video, so I’m afraid I can’t give you a review - but it might fit the bill. You may want to take a look at John’s book: I Bought This Horse But I’m Not Sure Why ( Note that John’s emphasis is almost always on training. Not too much space is given over to specifically addressing the issues you list, because everything John says and does is about respect/relationships with our horses in a broad sense. You may also want to check out the Horse Behavior Problem Solver written by Jessica Jahiel is 400 pages long and very good ( It, too, will deal with respect with regards to training issues. And finally, “How to Think Like a Horse” from Cherry Hill ( “How to Think...” gives you an understanding of how the horse thinks and offers some training – and is probably your winner. All three of the books are “must-haves.” I’m biased – but I think rightfully so. Keith

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