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Josh Lyons, Son of John Lyons

It seems that it was Josh Lyons' destiny from birth to be a great horse-trainer, clinician and rodeo performer.  The only son of John Lyons, Josh was raised, along with his three sisters, on a 500-acre cattle ranch in Western Colorado.  Perhaps more so than any individual in the world, Josh Lyons has been conditioned to understand horses and their relationship to their owners.  As he was raised by "America 's Most Trusted Horseman," Josh has been playing with, training, healing and talking to horses ever since he was a toddler. Josh Lyons has spent the last decade teaching, applying and further developing his father's theories about "training without trauma" to the areas of roping, reining, dressage and performance.

In A Whisper Challenge Champ

In 2002, Josh participated in the "In A Whisper Challenge" held in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. The competition pitted Josh's training skills against prestigious trainers Pat Parelli and Craig Cameron. Each trainer had only 2 1/2 hours to start an unbroke colt and then take that same colt through an obstacle course (backing, figure 8s, dragging a bale of hay, etc.). In the end, the judges chose Josh Lyons, hands down, as the undisputed winner.

The Lyons Legacy

Josh Lyons inherited his father's stamina, patience, and talent for getting positive results from both horses and people. As Josh says, "Knowledge and patience are the only tools that you need to bring with you into your barn."  He is the teacher of the John Lyon's Certification Program, which is designed to give in-depth knowledge and understanding to trainers and performers in the equine field.  The Lyons Certification Program emphasizes the unique method of conditioned response training, "trust not trauma," by modifying the owner's attitude to the horse. Trail riders, hobby-horse owners and top competitors in such diverse areas as reining, roping and dressage, have all benefited from the physical and emotional rewards offered by a session with one of the most accredited and respected horse clinicians in the world.

He currently travels throughout the United States providing one-on-one instruction and conducting clinics and symposiums. He also teaches weeklong horse clinics at his father's sunny ranch in Parachute, Colorado.  A success at 16, Josh first began teaching at the Cowboy-Up Ranch in Parachute, Colorado before he was out of high school. He is also a popular guest at major horse expositions such as Equine Affair and Midwest Horse Fair and has made presentations throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia. To find out more about Josh's unique upbringing as the son of "The Most Trusted Horseman in America" and his many credentials visit his web site at LyonsLegacy.com.

Josh and his wife Jana, along with their two boys, Austin and Johnny, have settled down on their own 40-acre ranch where Josh exercises his passion for roping, reining and training performance horses.


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John Lyons and Josh Lyons at home in Parachute, CO

John Lyons, son of "America's Most Trusted Horseman"

John Lyons and Josh for Bobcat, a favorite sponsor.

Josh Lyons with wife Jana and family

Josh explains the Lyons methods to a student