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john lyons horse training - Maine

Lynn Corrigan
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

82 Little Houston Brook Road
Bingham, ME 04920 USA
Email: lynn*partnershiphorsetraining.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Lynn Corrigan lives in Central Maine (Somerset county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Stratton, Bangor, Dover-Foxcroft, Lewiston.

Molly Thornton Greeley
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

16A Johnson Flat Road
Burnham, ME 04922 USA
Email: ftgu*adelphia.net (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Molly Thornton Greeley lives in South Central Maine (Waldo county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Waterville, Bangor, Lewiston, Bar Harbor.

john lyons horse training - Michigan

Liz Darling
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

7215 North Latson Road
Howell, MI 48855 USA
Email: DarlingHorsemanship*hotmail.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Liz Darling lives in Central Michigan (Livingston county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit.

john lyons horse training - Minnesota

Jan Remmel
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

29152 490th Street
Madison Lake, MN 56063 USA
Email: janremmel*aol.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Jan Remmel lives in South Central Minnesota (Blue Earth county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Mankato, Minneapolis, Rochester, Owatonna, St Paul.

john lyons horse training - Missouri

Patrick Benson
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

10501 NW 76th Street
Kansas City, MO 64152 USA
Email: pbequestrian*hotmail.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Patrick Benson lives in West Central Missouri (Platte county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Kansas City, Independence, Overland Park, Topeka, Emporia.

L.C. Cannon
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

38897 State Highway A
Truxton, MO 63381 USA
Email: Debut*centurytel.net (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman L.C. Cannon lives in East Central Missouri (Lincoln county) within 100 miles of the following cities: St Louis, Columbia, Bowling Green, Hannibal.

Diane Ebel
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

9216 Matthew ln.
Saint Louis, MO 63127 USA
Email: dianemebel*yahoo.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Diane Ebel lives in East Central Missouri (Saint Louis county) within 100 miles of the following cities: St Louis, O'Fallon, Oakville, Union, Springfield.

john lyons horse training - Mississippi

Marilyn Thorpe
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

617 Lakeside Dr
Carriere, MS 39426 USA
Email: lakesideranch*bellsouth.net (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Marilyn Thorpe lives in Southern Mississippi (Pearl River county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mobile, Picayune.

Mike Wolfe
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

238 A County Road 108
Abbeville, MS 38601 USA
Email: mwolfe_ranch*yahoo.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Mike Wolfe lives in North Central Mississippi (Lafayette county) within 100 miles of the following cities: New Albany, Booneville, Holly Springs, Memphis, Tupelo.

john lyons horse training - Montana

Whitney Bass
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

2417 South Sunset Bench Road
Stevensville, MT 59870 USA

John Lyons horseman Whitney Bass lives in West Central Montana (Ravalli county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Hamilton, Missoula, Phillipsburg, Helena, Butte.

Rolf Brunner
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

2790 Nelson Rd.
Bozeman, MT 59718 USA
Email: sunsporttrading*msn.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Rolf Brunner lives in South Western Montana (Gallatin county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Belgrade, Three Forks, Butte, Big Timber.

Laura Laine
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

1749 Night Hawk Trail
Victor, MT 59875 USA
Email: pslaine*msn.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Laura Laine lives in West Central Montana (Ravalli county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Hamilton, Missoula, Phillipsburg.

Regina Ramirez-DeHaan
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

51129 West Edgar Rd
Billings, MT 59101 USA
Email: tumbleweedcattlequeen*netzero.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Regina Ramirez-DeHaan lives in Southwestern Montana (Yellowstone county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Belgrade, Bozeman, Livingston, Virginia City, Butte, Helena.

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"I've heard horse trainer and clinician Clinton Anderson say that if a horse were not born with a tail, but instead woke up with one tomorrow, he'd spend the day running away from the thing. Horses become desensitized to items that they spend their days with, things they see often: the hay rack, salt block or cat he sees everyday are no big deal. Cows scare "city" horses; they're no problem for ranch horses. You've also seen this desensitizing in action on any horse that won't move forward, despite our kicks: He's learned that the kick doesn't hurt - and frankly, he'd rather just stand there, thank you. Get on a green horse and give him a good kick and you'll likely end up on the ground. The old school horse has become so "used to it" that it (the kicks, the pleadings) have ceased to mean a darn thing."

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"This is called "The Clockwork Exercise" because you need to imagine four very large clocks, one underneath each of your horse's feet. When your horse moves any leg directly forward that leg is "stepping on twelve o'clock." When any leg moves directly back that leg is stepping on six o'clock. Three o'clock is directly to the right, nine o'clock directly to the left, etc. All four legs can step on any of the twelve numbers.

We'll begin very simply. Move your horse off at a walk and pick up your left rein. (At this point this is not a two-handed exercise.) Stare at a very small part of your horse's right shoulder and think of nothing but making it move to the right. Hold your rein with whatever angle and amount of pressure it takes to encourage your horse to move the spot you're focusing on to the right.

It is vital to realize that your horse will not take a big step to the right when you first begin. Don't even look for it, not yet. What you should be looking for (and feeling for) is a very small, very slight leaning to the right. The horse will either lean or slightly lift and lean. Horse training is all about taking small changes and building on them. So, when your horse leans, you let go - immediately. Go forward a few steps as you pet your horse. Repeat. It's also important to drop your reins and pet your horse in between requests. You might find it helpful to very briefly "check your horse back" or slow his speed, before asking for sideways movement in an attempt to divert his forward energy off to the side."

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