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john lyons horse training - Florida

Jessie Shepherd
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

919 SE 19th Ln
Cape Coral, FL 33990 USA

John Lyons horseman Jessie Shepherd lives in South Western Florida (Lee county) within 100 miles of the following cities: North Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, East Naples.

john lyons horse training - Georgia

Jeanie Curphey
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

1861 Archer Pond Rd
Adrian, GA 31002 USA
Email: curp9*aol.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Jeanie Curphey lives in Central Georgia (Emanuel county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Macon, Augusta, Savannah.

Bert Gates
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

1142 Lakeview Dr.
Grovetown, GA 30813 USA
Email: b.gates*bluelineranch.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Bert Gates lives in East Central Georgia (Columbia county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Augusta; Martinez & Columbia, SC.

Asa Pippin
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

9432 HWY 16 East
Senoia, GA 30276 USA
Email: asapippin*aol.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Asa Pippin lives in West Central Georgia (Coweta county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Peachtree City, Atlanta, LaGrange, East Point.

john lyons horse training - Idaho

Marindi Coward
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

526 N. Hwy. 91
Firth, ID 83236 USA
Email: mctraining91*yahoo.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Marindi Coward lives in Southeastern Idaho (Bingham county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Montpelier.

Barbara Dunn
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

3150 S Black Cat Rd
Meridian, ID 83642 USA
Email: rclatigo*aim.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Barbara Dunn lives in West Central Idaho (Ada county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Boise, Caldwell, Nampa.

JP Johnston
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

PO Box 2479
Eagle, ID 83616 USA
Email: wingbar*earthlink.net (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman JP Johnston lives in Southwestern Idaho (Ada county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Boise, Mountain Home, Meridian, Caldwell, Idaho City.

Steve Larson
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

Box 575 - Rosco Street
Inkom, ID 83245 USA
Email: stvslarson*aol.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Steve Larson lives in Southeastern Idaho (Bannock county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Soda Springs, Pocatello, Montpelier, Idaho Falls.

Robyn Maloney
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

5603 Castle Drive
Boise, ID 83703 USA
Email: himountnrider*aol.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Robyn Maloney lives in Southwestern Idaho (Ada county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Boise, Mountain Home, Meridian, Caldwell, Idaho City.

Laurie Sullivan
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

Box 190104
Boise, ID 83719 USA
Email: BuckleBunny315*aol.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Laurie Sullivan lives in Southwestern Idaho (Ada county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Boise, Mountain Home, Meridian, Caldwell, Idaho City, Nampa.

john lyons horse training - Illinois

Patrick Fox
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

7405 East Cedarville Rd.
Rock City, IL 61070 USA
Email: Pjf103159*aol.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Patrick Fox lives in North Central Illinois (Stephenson county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Rockford, Chicago, Beloit, Milwaukee, Madison.

john lyons horse training - Indiana

Nick Bowman
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

RR #1 Box 192
Sandborn, IN 47578 USA
Email: nick_phyllis*msn.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Nick Bowman lives in Southwestern Indiana (Knox county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Evansville, Bloomington, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Louisville.

Tina Hoffmann
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

4522 N. State Rd. 75
North Salem, IN 46165 USA
Email: ride-a-lot-*in-motion.net (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Tina Hoffmann lives in Central Indiana (Hendricks county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Indianapolis, Greenwood, Terre Haute, Lafayette.

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From John Lyons Trainer Keith Hosman


Round Pen First Steps

A sample from Day 5:

"Straight talk time: Before tackling today's topic, make absolutely sure that your horse has been thoroughly sacked out to your touch. If that little voice says there is any way your horse is going to react negatively (flinch, freeze up, pull away, try to kick, etc.) to your touch, especially when working around those back feet, then... you ain't ready. Conversely, if that little voice says "All systems go," then you should have an easy day of it.

You can teach the following very simply without a round pen - but the round pen offers two significant advantages: 1) You don't have to juggle a lead line in one hand, and 2) Should the horse need a little extra motivation to play along, you can send him around a few rotations.

Simply put, the better we can control the hind end of the horse, the easier it is to control the front half of the horse. So, we start with the back feet. Standing on the horse's left side, you'll ask the rear of the horse to move away. Ask him to take a step or two and when he stops, look at the back leg closest to you (the one we'd like to pick up). Does he have any weight on it? We want to keep asking him to move, then pausing, then asking him to move until, by chance, he stands with that nearest back leg cocked up. You've seen this stance a million times. They'll stand there with weight on three feet, the fourth resting, slightly turned up, toe to heel."

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From the Learning to Ride a Horse Series:

"I treat the horse the same way. If I ask him to standstill, that's cleaning his room. I say "Clean your room." He says "No." I say "Fine." Now, what can I do that requires movement? It doesn't matter if I'm in the arena or the trail. In either place I can work on change of directions. I can work on his headset. I can get the horse working better off my legs or seat. And I can always work on speed control. I could do all kinds of different things. I can work on all those things when my horse wants to move. If my horse wants to move, I say, great, let's do it. Let's work on breaking at the poll, softening up your neck or following your nose; let's work on your leg speed; let's work on you moving off my legs. Let's do all these different things, and then, when I'm done, I'm going to ask the horse: "Do you want to clean your room, the garage and the patio? Or, do you want to just stand still?" These are all things I would have wanted to work on anyway..."

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