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john lyons horse training - Tennessee

Paul Jackson
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

3776 Alamo - Gadsden Road
Gadsden, TN 38337 USA
Email: pj*pauljacksonhorsemanship.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Paul Jackson lives in West Central Tennessee (Crockett county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Humboldt, Huntington, Jackson, Memphis, Jackson.

Lynda Knowles
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

696 Long Road
Ardmore, TN 38449 USA
Email: pladyfarm*aol.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Lynda Knowles lives in South Central Tennessee (Giles county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Lewisburg, Pulaski, Fayetteville, Nashville.

Renee Meissner
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

110 Puncheon Camp Rd.
Bell Buckle, TN 37020 USA
Email: reneemeissner*yahoo.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Renee Meissner lives in Central Tennessee (Bedford county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Nashville, Shelbyville, Manchester, Huntsville, Chattanooga.

Jan Stroup
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

3284 Booker Farm Rd.
Mount Pleasant, TN 38474 USA
Email: jan*equinetrainingctr.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Jan Stroup lives in Central Tennessee (Maury county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Nashville, Columbia, Lewisburg, Murfeesboro, Huntsville, Clarksville.

Cathy Wilson
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

8961 Kevin Lane
Harrison, TN 37341 USA
Email: serengetiwinds1*aol.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Cathy Wilson lives in Southeastern Tennessee (Hamilton county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Chattanooga, Huntsville, Cleveland, Atlanta, Knoxville.

john lyons horse training - Texas

Jake Baker
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

5 Farnham Park Drive
Houston, TX 77024 USA
Email: jakebaker*jakebakergroundtosaddle.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Jake Baker lives in Southern Texas (Harris county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Pasadena, Houston, Baytown, Kingwood, Beaumont, Port Arthur.

Lisa Bockholt
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

921 E. King
Kingsville, TX 78363 USA
Email: lbockholt*davlin.net (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Lisa Bockholt lives in Southern Texas (Kleberg county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Corpus Christi, Kingsville, McAllen.

Tommy Burks
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

1973 Mathers Road
Sunset, TX 76270 USA
Email: tommyburks*earthlink.net (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Tommy Burks lives in North Central Texas (Montague county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Bowie, Montague, Jacksboro, Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Ardmore.

Terri Edwards
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

Circle R Ranch
Woodway, TX 76712 USA
Email: circlerterrirn*aol.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Terri Edwards lives in Central Texas (Mclennan county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Waco, Hewitt, Gatesville, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving.

Vera Gream
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

12001 CR. 4185 W.
Henderson, TX 75654 USA
Email: hvranch*spyderinternet.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman Vera Gream lives in East Central Texas (Rusk county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Carthage, Henderson, Longview, Shreveport.

Wendy Hilton Smith
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

17623 S. Hwy. 148
Scurry, TX 75158 USA
Email: cornerstoneranch*hotmail.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Wendy Hilton Smith lives in North Central Texas (Kaufman county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Dallas, Canton, Fort Worth, Garland, Carrollton, Irving.

R.D. Hinojosa III
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

1084 Esplanada Cr
El Paso, TX 79932 USA
Email: RunPerfHorsesRD*cs.com (replace * with @)

John Lyons horseman R.D. Hinojosa III lives in Western Texas (El Paso county) within 100 miles of the following cities: Deming, Las Cruces, Sunland Park.

Keith Hosman
John Lyons Horse Trainer (Certified)

PO Box 31
Utopia, TX 78884 USA
Email: kh*horsemanship101.com (replace * with @)
John Lyons horseman Keith Hosman lives in Southern Texas (Uvalde county) within 100 miles of the following cities: San Antonio, Bandera, Kerrville, Leakey, Uvalde, Hondo, Boerne, New Braunfels, Seguin, Del Rio.

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Where to begin? Every time you touch those reins it just seems to escalate...

The simple tip that follows opens a back door, a way to sneak in and begin training the horse without him realizing that you've gotten one over on him. Use it anytime you need a starting point to begin working with a flighty horse. (If you're looking for more refined "finishing" exercises that teach proper carriage and the like, check out some of the other exercises published on this site or some of the books and videos offered.)"

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Does that make you mad? Maybe it should. You've gone to a lot of time and trouble to train your horse, to teach it that it is never okay to act up or kick somebody else's horse - but the guy next to you with the ribbon skipped the whole process. The days you worked on gaining control over your horse, he spent going to the movies. You put in the hard work it takes to build a safe horse; they skipped the process entirely.

How about I take a rope and throw it at that red ribbon? Their horse might kick and it might buck. And it might make the rider turn around and say "What the devil did you do that for?" And I might just answer 'I'm telling your horse's butt to stay away from the end of my rope.'"

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