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Excerpts From Past Articles:

From "What Not to Do When Your Horse Bucks"
"You want to stop a buck, bolt or rear before it ever happens. You stop it before it happens by gaining control. You gain control by practicing exercises that give you finer control of the hindquarters, better back ups, stops or turns to the left or to the right. Every day keep expecting more and keep after your horse to improve. Work to a point where..." Read more

From "My Horse Roots At The Bit"
"It doesn't take a horse long to realize that he can move your hand. The opposite would be true if you were to tie him to a tree. He'd pull a couple of times and realize there's no give. He'd quit pulling; there's no point. If your horse yanks at the bit, then pick it back up and ...." Read more


John Lyons Horsemanship

Certified John Lyons trainer Keith Hosman publishes a free monthly horse-training newsletter offering tips on everything from basic horsemanship to advanced maneuvers.

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Previous articles have included...
• "Stop Biting"
• "Why Does My Horse Still Have This Problem"?
• "What Not To Do When Your Horse Bucks"
• "My Horse Roots At the Bit"
• "Teaching Your Horse to Stand Still"

Horse Riding Tips

The Lyons methods are constantly evolving. Keep up with the latest in horsemanship — and build the horse you've always wanted.

The Lyons Legacy: John and son Josh continue to refine their "conditioned response" methods, training techniques that stress a "kindler, gentler" approach to horse training.




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