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By 300+ Topics
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By 300+ Topics
By 300+ Topics
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By 300+ Topics


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Now Get 2 Downloadable Books for $9.98 FREE!

It's your choice: You can pay for my "horse-training courses" or you can get any two ("Your Foal: Essential Training" not included in this promotion) for free. Which would you prefer? They normally cost between $3.99 and $5.99 each - but if you'd like to pay nothing, all you have to do is sample (or in some cases purchase) a product from one of the bigger named companies out there like the Gap or Blockbuster Video. 

Pick Any 2 Courses for $0!

It's your choice!

1) You can purchase any course separately through PayPal or Google Checkout ...
2) Or, you can mix and match and get two of them for free when you "try or buy" somebody's else's product.

There are thousands of companies, thousands of things to try. While some of the offers require a purchase, plenty of others just want you to try them out. Give their product a test drive, so' to speak.

To see what each course offers, follow these links:
● "Stop Bucking"
● "Rein In Your Horse's Speed"
● "Trailer Training"
● "Round Pen: First Steps"

1) If you would like to purchase the courses (separately), click here
2) If you would like to get two of those courses for free, click here ... or read on!

If "free" sounds good, here's how it works: You'll pick the books, then you'll go to a page on a site called "TrialPay" where you can choose from among tons of offerings from all types of companies. Again, while some of their offerings are totally free, others will require a purchase—but if you were going to buy a pair of jeans or a CD or flowers anyway, you might as well get my online courses for free, right?

After you complete your trial (or purchase) you will be sent an email with a link that you can use to download the courses.

Bottom line: If you simply "want the courses right now," go ahead and pay for them just like usual (follow the links above). If you don't mind taking the time to sample or purchase another product to get them for free, take that route. Either way, you and your horse win!

VERY IMPORTANT: To get the courses for free, you must access the books from this page.

Here's how it works:






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