how to prevent horse from rearing up

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Re: how to prevent horse from rearing up

Every time you teach an exercise, your horse will go through the same learning cycle. He'll go from "Bad" to "Good" to "Worse" to "Not So Bad" to "Learned." That's the typical cycle: Bad. Good. Worse. Not so bad. Learned.

You know "Good." "Good" is where we get excited. It's the part where we want to show off to our friends. We want to show somebody how soft our horse has become, so we walk over to brag to somebody, pick up our reins and the horse sticks his nose straight out, stiff as a board. We're embarrassed and our friends snicker. We've just entered the "worse" stage. It's the part where "he was getting but now he's not."

It's during the "worse" part where we typically second-guess our training. "The horse was good but now he's worse. I must be doing something wrong." You begin to think you need to change what you're doing. "Maybe my hand's in the wrong position" or "I'm using too little pressure." You begin to think you're doing something that's not correct. That's when we're most likely to change what we're doing. But that's the most important time for us to not change, to keep on doing what we're doing. You've got to get through this stage by being consistent. Keep doing the same thing over and over so that the horse realizes all the movements that are "mistakes" and which single movement is correct. It's consistency and time that teach your horse.

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"When Your Horse Rears" [Downloadable PDF version]

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Put an end to your horse's dangerous habit of rearing up with this 5-Day guide featuring the methods of John Lyons.
Written by Keith Hosman
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Does it scare the devil out of you when your horse throws himself in the air?

It should!

Wanna make riding fun again?

You can!

But how? How do you fix this -- when the very touch of the reins sends your horse up and over? When things escalate so fast?

Start by asking yourself what you were doing seconds before your horse reared the last time. The odds are pretty good you were trying to stop or back up - and you were applying even pressure on both reins as you asked.

In "When Your Horse Rears: How to Stop It" we'll train your horse to accept pressures typically associated with stopping and backing and the like. We'll learn the theory and practice allowing us to soften and relax our horse, giving us greater control over his mind and various body parts. We'll teach respect for the bit while building smooth transitions from standing to walk to trot to lope.

In the end, you'll be able to make ordinary requests, (to "stop" or "back," for instance), without fear that your very pressure is an overt invitation to rear up. In fact, once you've put the time in, you'll be amazed at the difference made in your overall control, safety and enjoyment.

With this guide, you will teach your horse to:

• Keep his feet on the ground!
• Deal (well) with increased pressure
• Pick up the correct leads
• Move his hips independently
• Drop his head immediately

You can't make your horse stop rearing with a "bigger, badder bit." You've got to retrain the brain. This downloadable book shows you the steps you must take to put an end to this scary and very dangerous habit:

• Greatly improve your ground control
• Get your horse amazingly soft on the bit
• Greatly improve your brakes
• Follow easy, step-by-step exercises for lasting changes
• Cure a nightmare situation that could put you in the E.R.!

Download this eBook, print it from your computer - and be training in five minutes! (It is a big file at nearly 2mb and will take several minutes to load, even on high speed computers.)

This is true "Do It Yourself" training - and only you can decide if this is something you, personally, are up for. Horse training can be a dangerous activity - so if you have any doubts whatsoever in your abilities, then I suggest you read this eBook simply for the deeper understanding you will glean - and then hire a pro for help and guidance.

"When Your Horse Rears: How to Stop It" is broken down into five "Days" or sessions:

• Day 1: Start turning your horse's first thoughts from "fight" to "give"
• Day 2: Teach your horse respect for rein pressure -- and do it where you're safest: on the ground
• Day 3: He can't rear with his head on the ground! Teach your horse to drop his head and "calm down now"
• Day 4: Gain "Control of the Hips" and get a great way to calm or slow any horse in a bad situation
• Day 5: Teach perfect transitions, tune up your brakes and nail your lead departures

• Plus, a BONUS: I've included "The Reins - 5 Ways to Improve Your Use," an additional chapter that gives you five tips guaranteed to transform your training - and make your friends at the barn sit back and take notice! This article normally carries a charge of $1.99 to print out - but is included here with this downloadable book for free. (You will find it automatically included in the same file, at the end.)

But wait, there's still more!

An extra EXTRA bonus...

Purchase a copy of "When Your Horse Rears" today - and I'll also throw in a free printout of another very popular article called "How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro." Based on all the riding and training clinics I've conducted, I truly believe that this article contains "the fastest way on the planet to radically change the quality of your next ride." This particular article also typically carries a small charge to print - but is included here for free at the end of the single file you'll download.

If you have previously purchased my articles or books, please note: "When Your Horse Rears" contains new material but also makes much use of several articles which have been previously released in other forms, each re-edited here for this particular subject. Material published prior includes "The First Thing I Do," "Teach Your Horse to Lower His Head While Standing," and the bonus selections "Reins: 5 Ways to Improve Our Use" and "How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro." This ebook also makes use of material previously published in two other ebooks, "How to Start a Horse" and "Rein In Your Horse's Speed." If you already own copies of the listed articles, you may want to take this into account before purchasing "When Your Horse Rears."

Here's how it works:
• Click on the "Add to Cart" button (bottom of this page) to pay
• Wait 20-30 minutes, then check for an email containing a link to download the document(s)
• Print the document from your computer (Tip: You may want to skip printing the ink-hog cover.)
• You'll learn theory and exercises necessary to build a strong foundation and make lasting changes
• Practice and teach the material at your own pace

I call the individual segments "days" but you'll take this work at a speed that's comfortable for both you and your horse. Each chapter gives you a plan, a goal, theory and homework. While you'll fly through some "days," others will necessarily require that you spend more time to really nail the material. Every trainer is different, every horse is different. You might want to split it up over days, weeks or months.... It's completely up to you - after all, you'll be riding the horse for years and years.

While this document is "just" 26 pages long, (34 including the bonus material!), it's jam-packed and covers a ton of material. Note that it comes to you in a format that every computer can read and print out called "PDF." Also note: It's in "magazine format" which means it carries ads - but that's a good thing - because it lowers the price of this course to just over a dollar a day - in the same way that advertising makes a newspaper affordable. You'll also find a list of related and recommended articles, books, video and audio CDs, should you want to continue your education.

So, whatchya waiting fer? Pay up, download - and get training!

You will need the Adobe Reader to read this (PDF) file. You probably already have it, but if not, you can get it for free at Once there, look for the yellow "Continue" button near the top, right corner. If you have a Mac, you can simply click on "Choose a different version" there near the top of the (center of) the page.

Do not buy this PDF version of this book for your iPad unless you already know how to view pdf files on your iPad. (An iPad version is available, scroll up for links to other formats.) From what I've been able to glean, I think you can view PDF files on (most, if not all) iPads, however I don't have an iPad and have no idea how they work. If it helps you, I did locate this video that apparently explains how to do this: Viewing a PDF file on an iPad. Again, this PDF will work great on a regular computer - but iPad users, buy this at your own risk.
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Item: When Your Horse Rears: How to Stop It [Downloadable PDF version]
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