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Re: reining horse video

When you're teaching your horse to back up, remember that the farther you back up, the worse your back up gets. Think of it this way: If you want your horse to quiet down at a lope, you lope him, right? The longer you lope, the quieter the horse gets. And, yes, if you do this a lot, they'll get stronger and be able to go longer - but they will have learned to relax as long as you leave them alone as you ride. As long as you leave them alone and don't give them a reason to get more nervous, they'll relax. Just sit up there and...

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Josh Lyons Teaching Series

Set of 5 DVDs; a best buy when purchased together
From Josh Lyons
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It seems that it was Josh Lyons' destiny from birth to be a great horse-trainer, clinician and rodeo performer. The only son of John Lyons, Josh was raised, along with his three sisters, on a 500-acre cattle ranch in Western Colorado. Perhaps more so than any individual in the world, Josh Lyons has been conditioned to understand horses and their relationship to their owners. As he was raised by "America's Most Trusted Horseman", Josh has been, playing with, training, healing and talking to horses ever since he was young.

Now, Josh is one of the most sought after and respected trainers in the equine world.

The Josh Lyons Teaching Series includes the following:

Teaching Series #1 - Foal Handling
Teaching Series #2 - Teaching Tricks
Teaching Series #3 - Spins & Shoulder Control
Teaching Series #4 - Leads & Lead Changes
Teaching Series #5 - Sliding Stops & Rollbacks

To see the other videos in this collection, scroll down to the "Related Products" listing.
This is a collection of 5 DVDs. Each DVD also sells individually for $158.99. When you purchase the entire collection today for $159.99 you will save $634.96!
Condition: New
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Item: Josh Lyons Teaching Series
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The Right Bit

booklet just $3.95

Choosing the Right Bit
32 page, illustrated booklet
written by Jessica Jahiel

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Better Together

They go great together: Buy the Josh Lyons Teaching Series ($158.99) with the Troubleshooting ($28.99) today!

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After buying this DVD, I'd add "Controlling Your Horse's Speed" to my wish list.
- Keith Hosman, John Lyons Certified Trainer

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Buy today: $38.99



Who knows his products better than one of his certified trainers? I thoroughly recommend the following - they should be at the top of every list.


Bringing Up Baby
Buy today: $23.99

John Lyons Rope Reins
Buy today: $49.99

Riding Manual (includes 4 DVDs)
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