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Re: horse care book

A person is able to keep his attention span for about 20 minutes before something else enters his head. The coffee pot he left on will come flying into his head. A saddle sore, his wife, something. So the best amount of time to ride a horse is for about 20 minutes, then give yourself a 10 or 15 minute break and ride for 20 minutes again. If you know you're going to work for 20 minutes, then you can focus and stay working hard for 20 minutes. But during that twenty minutes, you want to make something better. Ask yourself "What can I make better?" Find one thing and work to make it better.

"The key to training is to find improvement in what you're doing. That's what keeps you going, what keeps you wanting more. You should never be satisfied with what you've got or what you've done. "Satisfied" is another word for "content" and that's another word for "quitting." Then you can't go any farther. So never be satisfied and you'll find that there's always more to it, there's always more to want.

"Always raise your expectations. The whole time you're riding, you need to be looking for...

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Jody Wants To Know by John Lyons

Formerly entitled: Perfectly Practical Advice on Horsemanship
ON SALE — SAVE $8.00!

This book explains herd dynamics, equine "body language," getting along with mares, stallions, herd dynamics and more
Written by John Lyons
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Have you ever wondered how to help your new horse make friends in the pasture? How do you live with stallions, or mares in heat, or even proud cut horses? Ever wondered what you can do to make the farriers job easier? What about cribbing, open knees, conditioning older horses and getting back into shape - for you and your horse! We have addressed some of the most troublesome questions many horse owners face.

This book also solves some of the most nagging riding questions: Do you ride your horse facing or alongside traffic? What do you do when a rider falls and how can you make the most of rainy, muddy days?

Topics covered:
• Bucking
• Solving Pasture Problems
• Introducing horses to each other
• Living with Stallions
• Cleaning the Sheath
• Getting Along With Mares
• Mares in Heat
• Good Farrier Traits
• Cribbing
• Conditioning the Older Horse
• Riding on the Road
• Marking the Trail
• Foul-Weather Riding Tips
• Cooling out
• What Keeps Us Safe?
"Jody Wants To Know" is one of a collection of 9 books. Purchase the entire collection today for $199.00 and save ($37.09)!
Condition: New
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Item: Jody Wants To Know
SALE PRICE: $17.99 - hurry, sale ends soon!
Normal price: $25.99, today you save: $8.00 ()
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Hoof Care

booklet just $3.95

Hoof Care for Horses
32 page, illustrated booklet
written by Henry Heymering, C.J.F., R.M.F.

more info | see all booklets

Better Together

They go great together: Buy Jody Wants To Know with the book Things I Wish I Knew today!

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After buying this book, I'd add "I Bought This Horse But I'm Not Sure Why" to my wish list.
- Keith Hosman, John Lyons Certified Trainer

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Buy today: $17.99



Who knows his products better than one of his certified trainers? I thoroughly recommend the following - they should be at the top of every list.


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