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Re: solving horse problems

I treat the horse the same way. If I ask him to standstill, that's cleaning his room. I say "Clean your room." He says "No." I say "Fine." Now, what can I do that requires movement? It doesn't matter if I'm in the arena or the trail. In either place I can work on change of directions. I can work on his headset. I can get the horse working better off my legs or seat. And I can always work on speed control. I could do all kinds of different things. I can work on all those things when my horse wants to move. If my horse wants to move, I say, great, let's do it. Let's work on breaking at the poll, softening up your neck or following your nose; let's work on your leg speed; let's work on you moving off my legs. Let's do all these different things, and then, when I'm done, I'm going to ask the horse: "Do you want to clean your room, the garage and the patio? Or, do you want to just stand still?" These are all things I would have wanted to work on anyway...

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The Horse Training Problem Solver

Your questions answered about gaits, ground work and attitude - in the arena and on the trail.
Written by Jessica Jahiel
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Every horse owner wants a properly trained companion that understands what's expected and responds accordingly, but the training process can be frustrating and baffling - for human and horses! Equine behavior expert Jessica Jahiel answers your questions about the miscommunications and troublesome situations that crop up during training sessions. She breaks down goals into small achievable steps, helps trainers reverse the ill effects of bad training, and shows the way to better, more trusting horse/human relationships.

Chapters Include:
•Training from the Ground
•Training from the Saddle: Whoa and Go (First Mounting - Too Soon?, Worried About Our First Solo Ride, etc.)
•Training at the Walk
•Training at the Trot
•Training at the Canter
•Training over Fences
•Working on Transitions
•Lateral Work: Suppling and Softening
•The Great Outdoors (Training for Trails, Spooky Horse Attention Span, Young Horse Bucking, Horse Wants to Graze, Neck Rein, etc.)
•Connection, Roundness, Collection
•Training Equipment (Type of Reins, Purpose of Noseband, Leg Pressure or Whip?, Okay to Lunge, Draw Reins, etc.)
•Longeing, Warm-ups and Young Horse's Training
•Age-Appropriate Training (My New Foal, Haltering and Leading a Foal, Yearlings, Two Year Olds, Time Off, etc.)
•Retraining the Abused or Confused Horse
•Retraining the Ex-Racehorse
•And more!

See full table of contents

Training a horse brings an array of vexing challenges. What should a rider do with a horse who just won't listen? What about the horse who quickly tires, or becomes cranky during training? And there are horses who behave well in the presence of an instructor, but maddeningly, never while alone with the rider. Situations like these can leave even the most enthusiastic equestrian feeling discouraged, frustrated, and even downright helpless.

Jessica Jahiel comes to the rescue with The Horse Training Problem Solver, the third title in her popular Problem Solver series. In her informal yet informative style, Jahiel offers sensible answers to riders' most common training challenges. In a handy, accessible Q&A format, Jahiel uses real-life case studies to bring troublesome situations to life and then solves the problems with tested, proven solutions.

The book's combination of basic training theory, effective solutions, and handy tips and strategies will help riders get the most out of every training session. Best of all, Jahiel breaks down training goals, from simple commands like "whoa" and "go" to complex transitions and ring figures into simple building blocks, logical to both horse and human. Riders will begin to gain their animal's trust, develop realistic expectations, stay focused, and engage in effective two-way communication, ultimately resulting in a happier, better-trained, more enjoyable horse.

For the millions of Americans who show, train, or own horses including the steady, growing market of first-time horse owners. The Horse Training Problem Solver is an indispensable reference. It will demystify horse training, improve the horse-rider relationship, and ensure a more satisfying experience for both horse and rider.

"A book for everyone. Through the everyday questions and the knowledgeable answers provided by Ms. Jahiel, everyone can learn. Being a student as well as a teacher myself, I advocate books that educate. This is one of those books."
-George H. Morris, World-renowned trainer, clinician, and author Chef d'equipe for the USEF Show Jumping Team

About Jessica Jahiel
Jessica Jahiel an internationally renowned as a lecturer, clinician, and award-winning author who answers equine-related questions in her online newsletter, Horse-Sense. She also responds to questions about horse behavior, riding matters, and anything else readers want to discuss in such magazines as Horse & Rider, Equus, and Dressage Today, as well as in her best-selling books The Horse Behavior Problem Solver and The Rider's Problem Solver. Jessica lives in Sidney, Illinois.

406 pages, illustrations throughout
Condition: New
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Item: Horse Training Problem Solver, The
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