training a horse to stand still while mounting

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From "How Do I Get My Horse's Attention?," Issue 1, part 2 of our FREE monthly newsletter

Re: training a horse to stand still while mounting

I could walk by my horse all day and he doesn't have to even recognize that I'm here - and it would be a waste of my time to ask him to do anything. But if I took a stick and started poking him, then all of a sudden it becomes a whole lot more important to the horse that "I'm here." When you ask a horse to do something, a lot of other things are going to draw his attention and it's important that you become more important, no matter what it takes. The horse has to fully recognize that you're there. That's important, otherwise, you can't get to the next step: You can't get him to respond in a certain way.

"You've all heard that you want to get your horse's attention first. That's nonsense. We don't care about the horse's attention; we really don't. I don't expect the horse to think about me before he does something. Have you ever been on a trail ride with your horse when the horse did everything you wanted him to do? What were you doing? You were looking around, talking to people, enjoying the ride. Did you care for even one moment what your horse was thinking? No, you didn't, because he was doing exactly what you were asking him to do. You didn't care what he was thinking because...

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  training a horse to stand still while mounting image
training a horse to stand still while mounting pict
training a horse to stand still while mounting pict2

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Get On Your Horse [Downloadable PDF version]

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Teach your horse to show respect, to move to the mounting block, to lunge, and to stand rock solid with this 5-Day guide featuring the methods of John Lyons.
Written by Keith Hosman
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From "Get On Your Horse: A Cure for Mounting Problems":

"If your horse has developed the annoying habit of dancing about as you try to mount up, this course is for you. If you dread the thought of heading out to the barn because you know your horse is going to embarrass you red-faced, refusing to stand at the mounting block, this course is for you. If the little voice in your head says it's only a matter of time 'til you get him (the little voice) killed...then yup, this course is for you. Take heart: When we're through here, you'll know how to remedy this situation. Your horse will stand there politely, and fellow riders will have new and positive impressions of your skills as a horseman."

Or... you can ignore it and hope the horse doesn't get worse.

Right. When was the last time your horse "fixed itself"?

With this guide, "Get On Your Horse," you will:

• Correct the horse that has decided he's in charge, not you
• Learn to position your horse no matter which way he moves
• Learn to sidepass your horse toward you on the ground
• Learn how to lunge your horse
• Follow easy, step-by-step exercises to make lasting changes
• Cure a situation that could grow dangerous, left unchecked

Your horse dances about and tries to keep you from getting into the saddle because he's either scared - or there's been a coup (of which you may not be aware). This downloadable book shows you the steps you must take to put an end to this annoying and dangerous habit regardless of its cause.

Download this eBook, print it from your computer - and be training in five minutes! (It is a big file at nearly 2mb and will take several minutes to load, even on high speed computers.)

This is true "Do It Yourself" training - and only you can decide if this is something you, personally, are up for. Horse training can be a dangerous activity - so if you have any doubts whatsoever in your abilities, then I suggest you read this eBook simply for the deeper understanding you will glean - and then hire a pro for help and guidance.

"Get On Your Horse: Curing Your Mounting Problems " is broken down into five "Days" or sessions:

• Day 1: You'll get R-E-S-P-E-C-T with "Whoever Moves First Loses"
• Day 2: Move your horse back to the mounting block - and amaze your friends - when you teach your horse to sidepass to you on the ground
• Day 3: Channel your horse's unwanted movements into productive training as "Moving Becomes Our Idea" (Includes mini-lesson: How to lunge your horse)
• Day 4: Work from the saddle to lock in your "standing order"
• Day 5: Without realizing it, the way we use the reins often causes many aggravating issues. Here we learn five tips to improve our rein-handling - and take a giant step toward a happier partnership with our horse.

• Plus, a BONUS: I've included "Cinchy Horses," an additional chapter that shows you how to deal with horses that turn into true rascals at "tack up time" with their gnashing teeth, thrashing tails and stomping feet. "Cinchy Horses" normally carries a charge of $1.99 to print out - but is included here with this downloadable book for free. (You will find it automatically included in the same file, at the end.)

But wait, there's still more!

An extra EXTRA bonus...

Purchase a copy of "Get On Your Horse" today - and I'll also throw in a free printout of another very popular article called "How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro." Based on all the riding and training clinics I've conducted, I truly believe that this article contains "the fastest way on the planet to radically change the quality of your next ride." This particular article also typically carries a small charge to print - but is included here for free at the end of the single file you'll download.

Note: "Get On Your Horse" contains new material - but also makes much use of several articles which have been previously released in other forms, each re-edited here for this particular subject. Those selections include "Whoever Moves First Loses," "Teach a Horse to Sidepass Toward You On the Ground," "Reins: 5 Ways to Improve Our Use" and the bonus materials "Cinchy Horses" and "How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro."

Here's how it works:
• Click on the "Add to Cart" button (bottom of this page) to pay
• Wait 20-30 minutes, then check for an email containing a link to download the document(s)
• Print the document from your computer (Tip: You may want to skip printing the ink-hog cover.)
• You'll learn theory and exercises necessary to build a strong foundation and make lasting changes
• Practice and teach the material at your own pace

I call the individual segments "days" but you'll take this work at a speed that's comfortable for both you and your horse. Each chapter gives you a plan, a goal, theory and homework. While you'll fly through some "days," others will necessarily require that you spend more time to really nail the material. Every trainer is different, every horse is different. You might want to split it up over days, weeks or months.... It's completely up to you - after all, you'll be riding the horse for years and years.

While this document is "just" 27 pages long, (34 including the bonus material!), it's jam-packed and covers a ton of material. Note that it comes to you in a format that every computer can read and print out called "PDF." Also note: It's in "magazine format" which means it carries ads - but that's a good thing - because it lowers the price of this course to just over a dollar a day - in the same way that advertising makes a newspaper affordable.

So, whatchya waiting fer? Pay up, download - and get training!

You will need the Adobe Reader to read this (PDF) file. You probably already have it, but if not, you can get it for free at Once there, look for the yellow "Continue" button near the top, right corner. If you have a Mac, you can simply click on "Choose a different version" there near the top of the (center of) the page.

Do not buy this PDF version of this book for your iPad unless you already know how to view pdf files on your iPad. (An iPad version is available, scroll up for links to other formats.) From what I've been able to glean, I think you can view PDF files on (most, if not all) iPads, however I don't have an iPad and have no idea how they work. If it helps you, I did locate this video that apparently explains how to do this: Viewing a PDF file on an iPad. Again, this PDF will work great on a regular computer - but iPad users, buy this at your own risk.
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Item: Get On Your Horse: Curing Your Mounting Problems [Downloadable PDF version]
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NookKindlepaperbackPDF (You print)Kobo |  Sony & more

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Training a Horse to Stand Still While Mounting
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