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What to do when your horse stops and won't move
I'm scared to ride my horse
A great fix for the horse that bucks before the canter
I Need horse-training courses for myself and my horse.
Find out if you have the necessary horse training skills
What to do when you horse won't leave the barn or his buddies: Barn sour horse remedies
Is your horse good here and bad there? Learn to deal with your horse's mood swings.
Answered: How can I teach my horse to stop?
What to do next when training a green horse
My horse is scared of me. How do I stop that?
How to teach your horse to side pass toward you on the ground (like Clinton Anderson or Pat Parelli)
My horse has a stiff neck: Here's an exercise to soften your horse from his nost to his tail.
Saddle sores and girth galls. What cinch should I use?

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Do You Train Your Own Horse?
Check out our list of articles (below) covering the latest training techniques from John Lyons Certified Instructor Keith Hosman. Many articles were co-written by John's son Josh Lyons.
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Some articles are quite short and attempt only to convey simple, yet important concepts. Others run into much more detail. The riding exercises, for instance, cover not only the "how-to" but also the "what-ifs."
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Special Guest Authors: Barns & Fencing

Selecting the Right Horse Fencing by Ashley Reynolds
Appearing here courtesy of Centaur Fencing


Backing Up

Get Your Back Up
Backing Up ($)
Basic Training

Train Your Horse to Travel Straight ($)

Give Your Horse A Want-To Attitude
• Seeing Red... Ribbons Horses That Kick On The Trail
Why Does My Horse Still Have This Problem?
Biting Horses ($)
I'm Scared of My Horse, Please Help ($)
Horses That Won't Go ($)
Body Language

Talking Horse

Can You Fix a Bucking Horse?
Buying or Selling Horses

When Buying a Horse: 5 First-Timer Tips ($)

Get Better Stops and a Smoother, Willing Horse: The "Three-Step-Stop Exercise"
Hurry Up and Stop
Hip-Shoulder-Shoulder Part 1: Solve Every Horse Problem
Hip-Shoulder-Shoulder Part 2: Begin the Exercise
Hip-Shoulder-Shoulder Part 3: Finish the Exercise
Ground Training

Horses That Pull Back or Won't Stand Tied
Cinchy Horses ($)
Teach a Horse to Sidepass Toward You on the Ground ($)
Whoever Moves First Loses ($)
Lungeing a Horse: How, When & Why ($)
Hoof Care

Is My Horse Hard to Train Because of His Feet?
Leading and Manners

The First Thing I Do ($)
How to Halter a Horse ($)
Leading A Stubborn Horse ($)
Leg Yielding

Leg Yields Without the Legs ($)

Lower Your Horse's Head ($)

When You Get On, Do This First
Neck Reining

Neck Reining How-To ($)
Nervous Horses

What Not To Do When Your Horse Bucks Or Rears And What To Do When It Does

How to Make Horse Training (More) Affordable ($)
Reins and Their Use

An Exercise For When You Can't Ride: Teach Yourself What A Give Really Feels Like
Reins: 5 Tips to Improve Your Use ($)
How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro ($)
See Yourself Leading When Riding
Training Magic: Release on the Thought
Reins Tell Direction, Legs Tell Speed

The Snaffle Bit vs The Shank Bit

Horse Riding Tips
Training (General)

Four Things You Need to Train Your Horse: Motivation, Spot, Direction, Reward
How To Get Your Horse's Attention: Recognition, Response, Control
Keys to Making Improvements: How Long You Should Ride
Teaching Your Horse To Stand Still
• What To Do With Horses That Want To Bolt, Buck or Blow Up
Make Your Horse Stop
Your Horse Is Going To Spook - Are You Ready?
Slowing Your Horse
Speed Up Your Slow Horse
Riding Mechanics and Bad Habits
My Horse Roots At The Bit
How Far How Fast How Little
Keys To Improvement
Thought Vs Action
An Easy Way To Look At Training: Redirecting Pressure
Good Now Bad Later: Why Does This Happen?
Rider Checklists ($)
6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Training ($)

Featured Riding Exercise: Steer the Tail
The Steering the Tail Exercise: What To Do If
The Clockwork Exercise: Teach Neck Reining, Sidepassing, Backing Up, Spins & More
Simple Steps to Power Steering ($)
How to Teach a Horse to Pivot on Its Hindquarters ($)
Turning Horses: How to Fix Leaning Shoulders ($)
Turn on a Dime and an End to Dropped Shoulders


* Links followed by the $ symbol carry a small charge to read or print out. Follow this link to see only free articles

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Lyons Fact #729:
I don't ask the horse to stop. I just quit riding.

Lyons Fact #367:
The more you mess with the bit, the more you restrict movement.


Lyons Fact #719:
Don't be a passenger. Work.

Lyons Fact #3906:
If your horse bucks, if he bolts, whatever he does, as soon as you look at the ground at where you think you're going to hit, that's where you're guaranteed to land.


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